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Big Distribution

Big partners for a big distribution


The success of a big company originates also from the capacity the company has to delegate and entrust in outsourcing to qualified experts, the management of all secondary sectors. The needs of large retail distribution GDO and GDS chains are related above all to the necessity to manage extremely capillary storage manner, the transport and the distribution of a huge quantity of goods different among them and perishables. Logistic Net monitors and organizes for the big distribution, the management of the logistic services with constant analysis of the structures, flows and performances, in addition to ensure means of transport always suitable to current regulations on logistic of the cold and the European regulations.

Grande Distribuzione

Rely on Logistic Net means optimize costs and timing and manage the best multi-temperature and multi-product platforms for:

  • Cool
  • Frozen
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat and fish
  • Unprocessed products
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

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