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Logistic for Publishing

A fitting service for editorial sector


Logistic Net offers its expertise in integrated logistics outsourcing also in particular sectors as Publishing, whose needs are unique and compelling.
Logistic Net streamlines the load of commitments of the publishing group managing the distribution of: Books / Periodicals / Magazines / Catalogues / Daily newspapers / Free press.
Logistic Net realizes the manufacturing of these products, from the assembling to the application of the cellophane, from barcodes application to SIAE stickers insertion till operations like put the price on the product, labelling and packaging with gadget; moreover, it ensures dedicated distributions for particular events, such as exhibition and also personalized packaging for promotional events and contests.
Logistic Net deals also with the management of periodic supplies to warehouses and wholesalers.


Specific processing services of publishing products as:

  • Labels removing
  • Manual labelling
  • Packaging/packaging with cellophane
  • Strapping
  • Control on goods in entrance/unloaded goods
  • Orders preparation
  • Weighing and samples measurement
  • Package
  • Preparation of out format orders
  • Pick up of returned goods
  • Test and returns reconditioning
  • Re-packaging
  • Sending to the shredder

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