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Tax Warehouse

Tax Warehouse

Deposito fiscale

Logistic Net is a tax warehouse, that is a place approved by the financial authorities to produce, work, hold and send goods subjected to excise on which this duty has not yet been payed. These kinds of goods are defined in suspension of excise duty.
As per the art. 1, comma 2, letter f of TUA, the authorized warehouse is the subject appointed and responsible of the tax warehouse management. The excise it’s an indirect tax applied to specific kind of products on quantities and not on price as it happened with other tributes such as for VAT. The distinctive feature is that excises are different from one country to the other. In Italy, the excise tax regime is implemented to the energetic products, to electric energy, to alcohol and tobacco. In India to the whole industrial production.
With the issue of the tax warehouse and of taxable persons, the free circulation of the goods inside the European Community together with the profits of each Country have been preserved.
Among the various services LogisticNet can offer, it’s also present an assistance service and a problem-solve service to different kind of matters regarding the logistic, the commercial and the administrative field.

  • As regarding the logistic area, we have available an efficient service of loading/unloading of the goods and a storage service. It’s also possible to handle different manufacturing processes depending on the products we have at disposal.
  • As regarding the commercial side in the community sphere, we arrange the endorsement of D.A.A. Accompanying Administrative Document, that accompanies the goods to the financial authority. We issue also D.A.S. (Simplified Accompanying Document), where requested, for the continuation of the goods till destination. This service it’s very useful for those subjects who don’t have the expected requirements for the issuing of the necessary documents for the transport of goods subjected to excise.
  • As regarding the administrative side, we relieve the companies of the sector from the obligation of the telematics system. The coming of the telematics system has caused, effectively, the need of face new costs of implementation for the informatics and training system. This service is also offered for the sale to privates that do the transport through third party.

The C.O.D. Cash on Delivery

We provide the application of C.O.D. directly by our site.

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