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Bonded Warehouse

The Bonded Warehouse

The bonded warehouse is an economic regime in suspension that allows, against a specific authorization from the customs authorities, the payment suspension of the charges imposed on the deposited goods. The customs and monopoly agency sited in Vicenza, as per documents here attached, has released to Logistic Net the authorization C Type nr. 000007 cod. 17794J. Thanks to this authorization Logistic Net can safeguard the goods of its customers without that goods be submited to the concerning taxation, pending confirmation of the final destination.
The following kind of goods are admitted to the regime benefit:

  • Not UE goods in suspension of customs charges
  • Ue goods for which a specific Ue regulation provides, as per their position in the bonded warehouse, the benefit of actions related usually with the export of the goods waiting for the final destination (art. 98, lett. b del Reg. (CEE) 2913/1992).

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