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A.E.O.F. Custom Simplifications and Safety


Thanks to AEOF certification (Authorized Economic Operator - Full) accomplished in august 2016, LogisticNet is been officially recognized as “reliable operator” both on customs point of view and for the management of goods in complete safety by his facilities.
The EU certification plan entered into force on 1st January 2008 in the UE states considers the release, upon request, of a AEOC/Customs simplifications or AEOS/Safety or AEOF/Customs simplifications and safety certificate, all with EU value. The Authorized Economic Operators qualify positively on the market as they are considered safe in the international supply chain. The most important advantages caming from the AEO status are:

  • The acquisition of a reliability and safety status with unlimited and community validity.
  • Better relationship with the customs authorities (client coordinator).
  • Fast shipments.
  • Increase of the safety and better communication between parts of the logistic chain.
  • Reduction of the problems related to the safety.
  • Reciprocal identification with other reliability and safety programmes of third countries (AEOS and AEOF certified).

Health Reg. Authorization CE 852/2004


LogisticNet is in possession of the authorization for the storage activity for third parties of food products granted in relation to the hygienical aspects of the structure. The company is regularly in possession of a self control handbook and the operators have received a suitable training on hygienic food topic.

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